The letter written by Rebecca to her Maryland Delta Gamma sisters has become more famous than three out of the Kardashian kids.  So it's only fitting that the timeless words that were captured in an email are given a voice!

If you haven't read, or don't know what the insane sorority email is yet . . . you NEED to check it out.  This is probably the best breakdown of the letter so far.

Michael Shannon, who will be playing General Zod in the upcoming Superman movie, gives the letter a more dramatic feel. This is very, VERY not safe for work.

Alison Haislip gives the letter the intended tone though.

The girl behind the letter has asked that it be removed from the internet . . . you know, because the internet is very accommodating like that.  Instead, the internet has taken screen shots of her Twitter account (now deleted) and she is exactly the kind of girl you'd want to take home to mom . . . if your mom ran a prostitution ring.