The Kroger store on Fenton Rd in Mundy Township has announced that they are officially closing next month.

According to WNEM, the store is closing because sales have been lower than expected. Kroger officials have announced October 27th as the last day the store will be open.

Going into this Kroger store has always seemed like a trip back in time. It's not too far from the station so I would often find myself going in to grab something real quick. No matter how many times I would go in, I always got that wave of nostalgia when I walked in.

I grew up in Northern Michigan, and most of the grocery stores up there looked a lot like this Kroger. The store is quite a bit smaller than the Meijer and Walmart complexes that we are used to now.

Anytime a grocery store closes it's bad for the surrounding community. There are people who have lived near the store that have shopped there exclusively for decades. The only good thing that has come out of this closing is that all of the employees will be relocated to other area stores.

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