Once in a Blue Moon has been fairly often lately, but Fridays lunar event will be the last for a couple of years.

If you're wondering what exactly a blue moon is, it really has more to do with the calendar than anything. A blue moon is the second full moon that appears in a calendar month.

Normally a blue moon is pretty rare, but the year started off with a blue moon in January. The next time you can see the blue moon will happen this Saturday, March 31st. I don't want to get your stargazing hopes up though, because a blue moon really is no different looking than a normal full moon.

One thing you can look for while moon gazing is the smallest planet in our galaxy. Mercury will be close to Venus in the Western sky, and will be especially visible on the horizon shortly after sunset on Saturday.

If you miss the blue moon this weekend, you'll have to wait till Halloween of 2020 for the next one.

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