It's been a week since the military exercises began in Flint with a shocking start, and this weekend some of the action was caught on camera.

The first explosions at a closed down elementary school on the East side caught residents by surprise.

Since then, the police have tried to keep people updated via Facebook about the upcoming exercises.  It was hard to miss the low flying helicopter, and flash explosions in downtown this weekend though.

The exercises will continue for another couple of weeks, and the police will try to keep people informed, even though these guys were still in the dark about what was happening. Just a note, that the video below contains quite a bit of language that is not suitable for everyone.


Man wtf.....goin on dwn town watch this shyt

Posted by Tae Richard on Saturday, June 6, 2015

For anyone worried about a military take over in Flint, please stop.  You should be worrying about the fact that we have so many abandoned buildings in our city, that the military feels like Flint is a perfect place to do some "Urban War zone Training."