The Detroit Pistons play their final game at the The Palace of Auburn Hills tonight, and surprisingly, there are still plenty of tickets left.

It's the end of an era for the Detroit Pistons, as they play their last game at the Palace tonight.  This follows an emotional night at the Joe Louis, where the Wings played their final game last night.

The Palace was built in 1988, but was still considered to be one of the best arenas in the NBA today.

While I may not agree with the decision to move the Pistons into downtown Detroit, I definitely understand why it works.  Having all the major sports teams within a few blocks of each other, makes Detroit an entertainment hub.

What I don't understand is the lackluster sendoff that the Palace is getting.  Tickets for the final game in the Palace have barely cracked $30 on Stubhub.  The building has been witness to some pretty amazing basketball moments thanks to the Pistons.

  • 3 NBA Championships
  • 3 WNBA Championships
  • 6 Eastern Conference Championships
  • The Malice at The Palace
  • Every major performing artist since the late 80's

I have to be completely honest though.  Even though I'm quick to complain about the Pistons moving further away from the rest of Michigan, I haven't been to a game all year.  That's why I understand moving to Detroit.

Check out a great video of Palace history narrated by Isiah Thomas below.

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