Pistons fans were surprised to hear that Blake Griffin was coming to the Motor City, but nobody was more surprised that Griffin.

Shortly after the trade was announced as official, Griffin posted the Fresh Prince of reactions on Twitter.

So why is he so surprised? Because The Clippers basically told him that he'd retire as a Clipper if he signed with them during the last round of free agency. Also, there's that minor detail of going from the California sun to Detroit . . . in February.

This is one of those NBA trades where it doesnt really make either team better, but Griffin is such a big NBA name, that everyone is paying attention. The full details of the trade are below.


  • Tobias Harris
  • Avery Bradley
  • Boban Marjanovic
  • 1st & 2nd Round Draft Picks (conditional)


  • 5 Time All Star Blake Griffin
  • Brice Johnson
  • Willie Reed

The Pistons are trying to bring in some star power, while the Clippers are most likely beginning their rebuilding process. Trading Bradley made sense considering he was about to be a free agent. Harris will be entering free agency next year, but could have been a building point for the Pistons. Marjanovic is a young big man with a lot of upside, and giving up two draft picks is just terrible.

Fans will be dissecting the trade for a while but in the meantime, plenty of Detroit stars are happy to see Blake come.

Pistons owner Tom Gores even went on Twitter to back the deal.

So do you think this was the right thing for The Pistons to do?

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