The nightlife in Flint and Genesee County used to be legendary thanks to these 4 Flint nightclubs.

Pretty much everyone old enough to have experienced these nightclubs has a story that starts with, "The wildest night of my life happened one time at . . ."

I've been lucky enough to work with most Flint nightclubs throughout my radio career, and I can personally finish that sentence for each of these.

1. JJ Shakers (pictured above)

JJ Shakers was at the height of its run in the early 2000's when it was a capacity nearly ever Friday night. I hosted a live mix show with DJ Adrian Lewis for a few years there, and had some of the most fun that I'll probably never really remember.

The one story I can tell, involves a Canadian rugby team that showed up at the club one night. They had a great time, and stayed well past last call. As the bouncers were clearing out a few people that didn't want to leave, a fight broke out. This was exactly what the rugby team was waiting for. They jumped into action, helping the bouncers clear out the place and eventually threw the people into the river that separated the parking lots. Just because they were Canadian, and rugby players, they also decided to jump in the river.

2. Bugsy's

Google Street View

All you have to do is say the word "Bugsy's" in a group of people and someone will have a story. The place used to pack in more than a thousand people on Thursday nights. We also put on some insane concerts there featuring artists like Naughty By Nature, Rob Base, Color Me Badd, and a ton of others.

Bugsy's was my initiation into the Flint nightclub scene, and I don't know if there was any better way to do it. Imagine learning to swim by getting thrown into the ocean during a hurricane.

3. Celebrations

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Celebrations has been known by different names to different generations of people, but all of them have had a wild night there.

From the bikini contests that brought in more than a thousand people, to the insane contests that we would run on the dance floor, Celebrations was never boring. This is also where we started the Nights With Clay Car Shows that would bring some of the dopest cars I've ever seen.

On a more mushy tip, the Celebrations parking lot is also where I kissed my wife for the first time... I know, I'm so romantic.

4. Club Nightingale

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Nightingale's is probably the nightclub on the list that I have had the least experience with, but it needs to be on here because of DJ White Lightning. We did a radio mix show every Sunday night that would pack the place way over capacity.

I know this is just a fraction of the nightclub world that Flint used to have, but they all have one thing in common. At some point in time, I hosted a live mix show from each of these buildings, and the crowds were insane.

I don't want to pretend like these are the only places that people hung out at, in fact, I want to do the opposite.

I want you to share your wildest night story from one of these four nightclubs or add in a nightclub that isn't listed. Maybe JB's was your spot or The Speakeasy in Flushing. You could even go back to Beavers in Flint if you want.

There are too many to make sure all get listed by me, and that's why I need your help to relive the wildest night you had at one of these spots. Who knows, maybe we were at the same place when it happened.