Thon Maker has only been a Detroit Piston for a week now, and he already lost a front tooth.

Not one of the unimportant teeth that you can hide with an awkward smile, one of the show teeth! The good news is that Thon cemented himself in the hearts of Pistons fans everywhere with his amazing block and defensive toughness.

Those have always been the staple of every good Pistons team. It gave the fans that have been dealing with a disappointing year something to smile about. Well, Thon needs to see a dentist before he is smiling about anything, but you get the point.

The Pistons ended up picking up the win behind the defense of Thon along with a great game by both Drummond and Griffin.

One of the best parts of the game was a missed travel call on the Wizards Bradley Beal. Watch and laugh below.

My favorite part is the look on Blake's face as he realizes that the ref is not going to call anything!


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