The Jupiter, Florida PD released dash cam video of Tiger Woods DUI arrest late Wednesday night.

The video confirms earlier reports that Woods was definitely out of it, and had trouble completing any of the field sobriety tests.  He was found asleep in his car Monday morning, with some minor damage when he was arrested.

Despite early reports, Woods denied that alcohol had anything to do with the crash.  Blood tests taken shortly after the arrest have shown that he is telling the truth.  Woods blames an unexpected reaction to prescription medicine that he takes for pain dealing with past surgeries.

The video clearly shows that Tiger was in rough shape.  His speech is definitely slurred, and at one point, he doesn't seem to even know where he is.

Woods will still face DUI charges, but should consider himself lucky.  Considering the condition he was in at the time of the arrest, he's fortunate to not have been seriously injured.

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