The Detroit Tigers have had a rough year, and things don't seem to be getting any better as it wraps up.

The Tigers announced that Brad Ausmus would not be returning next season to manage the team. This is probably the only bit of good news that some Tigers fans will take from the 2017 season.

In addition to trading away JV and other Tiger favorites, the injury bug has bitten on the final few games. New Tiger fan favorite, Mikie Mahtook wasn't able to play in the final home game due to a groin injury. Miggy has also been shut down after he was diagnosed with two herniated discs in his back. After having his least productive season as a Tiger, Miggy will now probably be moved to DH with the Tigers next season.

Despite all of the doom and gloom around the Tigers, they still managed to have a great wrap up to the season with Fan Appreciation Day.

So what do you think the Tigers will look like next year?  They'll be on the hunt for a new manager, first basemen, and some more starting pitching.

Will next year be an improvement over this dismal performance?

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