One Michigan school has decided to close early today so that the students won't have to endure the 90 degree heat.

Owosso Schools made the announcement over the weekend that they would be closing early today because the heat index. Most schools in our area are not equipped with air conditioning, and temperatures in the classrooms can get into the upper 90's. That's what prompted Owosso to send out the following message yesterday.


Other area parents are asking their school officials why their school has not followed suit yet.

Most people argue that with temps soaring into the upper 90's, that there is no way anything productive could get done.

I know from walking in to pick up my kids on Friday, that some of the rooms in their elementary school were insanely hot. I know that it's hard to get a kids full attention on a normal day, so I don't envy any of the teachers that are trying to fight that fight on a sweltering hot day.

Do you think that schools should give a half day today, and maybe tomorrow, until this heatwave passes?

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