Disney is the happiest place on earth, and is the perfect place to go for a little family fun. If you watch closely though, you can catch a few unique moments that are not in the brochure. Tigger's dance moves are definitely one of the selling points, but they're worth the price of admission. Here are four of the best Tigger dance moves caught on film.

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    Tigger Does The 'Soulja Boy'

    In the middle of his usual kid dance routine, Tigger is prodded to 'Superman That'. While I don't think that Walt would be to amused, the fans love it.

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    Tigger Does 'The Jerk'

    If I could have found this video in the upright position it would have competed for the top spot. Since we all have to tilt our heads to watch it though, its the third best Tigger dance video.

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    Tigger Dances In A Parade

    Someone finally wrote Walt a memo about Tigger and his dance moves. They powers that be decided that theres no better way to show off his dance moves than a parade. Now if we could just get a little better music it would be perfect.

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    Tigger Learns To 'Cat Daddy'

    This is the best Tigger dancing video for one reason: He dances better than the kids that are trying to teach him to dance! Eeyore could use a little work though.