Open enrollment for health care through the ACA is almost over, so if you don't have insurance, now is the time.

The sign up period ends less than a month from right now on December 15th 2017. That means if you don't already have insurance through some other source, you need to get signed up to make sure you're covered for 2018.

Despite many attempts to get rid of the ACA, there is still health insurance available for everyone, without the fear of getting rejected. The sign up period is shorter this year, and has gotten very little press this year, as compared to prior years.

The process of signing up can be time consuming, and a bit frustrating so please don't wait until the last minute to start signing up. MLive has put together a good list of tips that may help answer a few questions for you as you navigate signing up.

There are many different options, and tiers for coverage, so please do some research before signing up. also holds help services throughout the sign up period that you can find out about on their Twitter account here.

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