As R&B group TLC prepares for their 20th Anniversary CD and Tour in Japan, the living members are making some controversial decisions. 18 years after the hit single 'Waterfalls' topped billboard Charts, T-Boz and Chili decided to use Japanese Pop Star Naimi Amuro in place of Left Eye's verse on the single causing outcry from the Lopes' family.

According to TMZ the family of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes felt betrayed for the simple fact that no one from TLC informed them that Left Eye's verse was going to be removed from the remake. Left Eye's sister Reigndrop Lopes went on to say,

"I did not know about it until a fan posted it online. I mean it would have been nice if they would have given us a heads up before being surprised,"

IN 1995, though TLC was at the peak of their career, Left Eye was fighting demons from within herself and the decisions she had made. Before the release of 'Waterfalls,' her actions forced her to enter rehab after setting fire to her boyfriend Flint Native and then Falcons Wide Reciever Andre Rison's Atlanta mansion. Upon her release, Left Eye created her verse to the hit single 'Waterfalls' in inspiration from a 'rainbow' she seen while leaving the rehab facility. 'Waterfalls' would go on to be one of TLC's greatest hits and Left Eye's most inspirational verse.

Nor T-Boz or Chili has released a response thus far addressing the circumstances at hand. However, they are preparing for a tour in the UK and Japan later this year as they reinvent themselves as the new TLC. Check out the 'Japanese Edition' featuring Namie Amuro below, as well as the original video with Left Eye which in my opinion is one of the best verses of lyrical content of all time.


Official 'Waterfalls' Music Video

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