A toddler walked out of a Burton daycare unnoticed, and was nearly hit by a car on Belsay Road before being returned, and that is just the start of the problems.

Two and a half year old Kolten Ghinelli managed to walk away from Always Learning daycare in Burton without being noticed.  The story could have ended tragically if it hadn't been for the quick reflexes of a driver.

Terrence Roshell told WNEM that he had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting Kolten.  He was surprised that a child was that close to walking into a busy street, but he couldn't believe how the daycare reacted when he rushed Kolten back.  He said that the daycare workers were nonchalant about the fact that one of their kids was missing.

Things took a turn for the worse when the police showed up and asked the daycare for the parents contact information.  The daycare gave the police incorrect information, and it took nearly five hours for the police to contact Kotlens parents.

Obviously Koltens parents will not be returning to the daycare, and an investigation has started to figure out how something like this could happen.