I was reading an article on billboard.com about the Top 13 Pop Holiday Gifts this season. I remember when my little sister was really into New Kids On The Block and had all of the dolls, blankets, sheets, etc. I mean I had my  GI Joe figures, and He-Man, but never really wanted a MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice doll. Now I think the pop world is getting a bit too carried away. Let me know what you think about some of these gifts.

Justin Bieber Doll's

Justin Bieber Dolls

First, there are the Justin Bieber Singing Dolls, which were recently nominated for a Toy of the Year Award. Several different dolls are available, such as the "Baby" and "One Less Lonely Girl" models that play Bieber songs and emulate music video looks. Several non-singing dolls, all wearing different outfits, will also be released with the rest on Dec. 1. They sell from anywhere between $27 and $53 online and at major retailers.

Bieber's other gift options this year include his perfect-for-stocking-stuffers One Less Lonely Girl nail polish line for Nicole by OPI, which will sell -- quite affordably, of course -- exclusively at Walmart starting in December. Walmart also has the exclusive sale (for $10) of Justin's "My Worlds Acoustic" album, which drops Black Friday. If that's not enough Bieber for your little Belieber, Justin's book, "First Step 2 Forever," dropped last month.

Beyonce Temporary Tattoos

Beyonce Tattoos

While these temporary tattoo sets were released through B's mom, Tina Knowles, and her clothing line House of Deréon, Beyonce's touch is all over this. The singer sported similar tattoos in Deréon ads this fall, and for $34 for 24 tats, fans can recreate the look. Tattoo designs include chains, spiders, skeletons, fleur icons, and various jewelry outlines. The tattoo set also includes various Beyonce swag, including photos and posters, and can be purchased exclusively from Temptu. Rihanna may have sang "Good Girl Gone Bad," but B's stealing a page for this tattoo line

Lady GaGa Christmas Ornament

Lady Gaga Ornaments

We're not even surprised that Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" are committed enough to their "Mother Monster" to hang an ornament engraved with her name on their Christmas tree this year. The trinket, a 3-inch metal tree, features Gaga's name engraved in all caps the tree's base. At only $15 on Amazon, it's an affordable gift for the Gaga lover on your list.

Michael Jackson Wii Game

Michael Jackson Wii Game

Most of us will never be able to dance like Michael Jackson, but as of Nov. 23, we can fake his moves -- at least digitally. "The Experience," from Ubisoft, allows fans to mimic the King of Pop's famous dance moves from his biggest videos, including "Thriller," "Billie Jean" and "Beat It." The game is available at major retailers for Wii ($50), Nintendo DS ($30) and Sony's PSP ($30).

To find the full list of 13 and see what other crazy pop holiday gifts they have out, check out the full article by here. What is Christmas coming to?

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