Tory Lanez is feeling himself. After delivering his diss track “Don Queen,” aimed at Don Q, the Toronto rhymer is ready to take on the whole Dreamville crew in order to get to J. Cole.

Following Tory's Instagram Live session on Twitter today (Jan. 28), in which he took aim at the Dreamville squad ("The only thing I'm gonna say about that Dreamville situation is this, I'll take the whole Dreamville out by myself and if I do that then you gotta give me Cole"), J.I.D called him out on his own Instagram Live and Twitter account. Then Tory challenged the rapper to go bar for bar to let the people decide who is the best rapper in the game.

“Bruh just [wanna] get close to cole but drop the records u bold balding brother,” J.I.D tweeted. "bruh know what time I’m on, u just tryna get to cole so this really had nun to do w me but u said you’ll merk the squad, cease and desist."

“Lolol you know you my lil brother ... so I'm not gone diss u . but lets go on a song and bar out,” Tory responded on Twitter. “And let the people decide who ripped it harder. and who has better bars . flows ETC . you can be first.”

J.I.D sounded off in a few more tweets after going back and forth with Tory. "In real time, this shit bigger than Tory, y’all really be having dreamville fucked up, niggaz try to disrespect cole one of the realist people I ever met, bro changed my life and I can feed my self now, I ain’t going for no Dreamville disrespect, it’s on sight, bout whatever," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Tory and Don Q got into a heated verbal spat on Instagram story after “Don Queen” hit the internet. The Bronx rapper called Tory corny, while the Toronto rapper taunted him by suggesting that he’s now scared of him.

Now we'll have to wait and see if J.I.D and Tory Lanez will deliver their own diss tracks.

Check out J.I.D’s response to Tory’s challenge, their Twitter exchange and Instagram Live sessions below.

See Tory Lanez and J.I.D Going at Each Other on Twitter

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