Fans are really loving Travis Scott’s documentary Look Mom I Can Fly, which chronicles the rapper’s highs and lows while recording his Grammy-nominated album Astroworld. At the same time, Cardi B went on a Twitter rant on Wednesday (Aug. 28) defending her album Invasion of Privacy against people who felt it didn’t deserve to win the Best Rap Album honor at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

On Wednesday, hundreds of people jumped on Twitter to praise Travis Scott's intimate documentary and expressed their shock that Astroworld didn’t win Best Rap Album at the Grammys earlier this year.

"Travis got robbed of a Grammy Astroworld was easily AOTY," wrote one fan on Twitter. Another person responded to Cardi B's tweet about winning Best Rap Album at the Grammys. "Bro no one cares you didn’t even write the shit, Astroworld should of won that Grammy," he tweeted.

Another user wasn't receptive to Cardi B's heartfelt tweets about her laborious journey while recording her debut album Invasion of Privacy. The person tweeted to her: "This is cool & all but the fact that u won over ASTROWORLD is literally a crime."

Scott, who toured for his Astroworld album last year, hasn't commented on the tweets. Aside from her tweets, Cardi, who's been hitting up various shows this summer, hasn't outwardly addressed her haters on the matter.

You can read more tweets from fans who feel that Travis Scott's Astroworld should have won the Best Rap Album Grammy over Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy below.

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