Swartz Creek students and staff rode the Hometown Road all the way to Good Morning America this morning.

Creek Superintendent Ben Mainka and High School Principal Jim Kitchen went viral last year with a snow day video, and set out to make magic again for the first day of school. The Old Town Road parody video featuring the pair along with students and staff did just that.

The video has been viewed nearly 200,000 times in just a few days, and is being featured by media all around the country. The buzz got so big, that Good Morning America decided to come to Creek this morning to talk about the video.

I found out about the appearance Wednesday when I got a call from my daughters principal. I thought it was going to be more start of the school year information, but I was way off. My daughter is one of the many students featured in the video, and they asked everyone that participated to be at the GMA filming this morning.

BenMainka via YouTube
BenMainka via YouTube

She's normally not this sassy in real life, but definitely plays up the part in the video!

I know that this is a fraction of a moment in time, but it will definitely be something that she remembers for the rest of her life. The video has been well received by most, but the world we live in today means that somebody will have something bad to say.

I'm not going to argue with anyone about the video online or anywhere else because the excitement I saw on my girls face this morning is all the justification I need.

Check out the Hometown Road video below.

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