Travis Scott has just made history. This weekend, on May 12, while performing for a chanting sold out crowd at The Criterion in Oklahoma City, the Houston rapper performed "Goosebumps" 14 times in a row, setting a record for most times a song has been performed by an artist in a single concert.

So who previously held the record? Jay Z and Kanye West. The two rap veterans set the record back in 2012 during the Watch the Throne Tour, when the performed "N---as in Paris" 12 time in a row.

As for Travis, his Birds Eye View Tour has been pretty epic. Fans have jumped into a crowd from a 20 foot balcony, he's given away expensive jewelry to excited fans for knowing his lyrics, he was arrested a few days ago at a show for "inciting a riot" at his Arkansas show, and well, suffice to say, his tour is lit. Yesterday, he had another surprise for fans when he dropped three new songs—“A Man,” “Butterfly Effect” and “Green & Purple” featuring rising Atlanta rapper, Playboi Carti. Next up, he'll head on tour with Kendrick Lamar for the first leg of his DAMN. Tour.

You can catch Travis' record-breaking performance above.


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