A group of girls fighting over Trey Songz is not that hard to believe, in fact it's almost expected.  I'm still shocked by what happened to Trey last week in New York when he was on a dinner date.

The story starts with Trey and a lady friend eating at the Juliet Supper Club, and ends with an all out hair pulling girl fight!

Good thing for us, someone was smart enough to pull out their camera phone so we can be a part of the action.

The whole thing started when a group of girls tried to holler at Trey while he was eating with another woman.  His date didn't appreciate the fact that she was being interrupted and decided one of the girls must be thirsty . . . so she tossed a drink on her.

After countless, " Awww Hell NO's" and a few "Who Da F Is You's" the camera started rolling.