Trey Songz gets a lot of panties tossed on stage when he performs. Oh, and bras too. During an interview he decides to break a rule and show us the big bag of female undergarments that he received at a particular show.

The funniest part is how serious he looks while checking all of them out. I'm actually shocked at how gentle he is with them. He looks at them and whether they are worn, new or just nasty he seems to be enjoying them all! This is actually kind of funny. It reminds me of football players that keep the football after they score a touchdown. Girls throw there numbers and small messages in there as well hoping to get a call from the R&B crooner. Would you or have you ever thrown your panties on stage at a show? I wonder if Beyonce ever got my boxer briefs I threw...hmmmmm

Trey Songs

Fast forward to the 3min mark

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