Trick Daddy may love the kids but he was irate early Tuesday morning (June 28), spitting expletives, threats and actual spit toward an unnamed woman who, it appears, inserted herself into Trick's business relative to a post he made online that received that some sort of comment. In a series of online videos, Trick curses up a storm and unloads on the woman, calling her a series of names and going so far as to spit at his computer or device.

Throughout the three clips, Trick says, "Don’t play with me bitch. I swear before god. That ho is dead wrong. I ain't say nothin' about you ho. If you got a brother or uncle or daddy out there you better ask them. I don’t fuck around, ho. And I don't hang with missus. Talk about you gon' throw out my motherfuckin' name because a bitch comment on my post. I’ll spit in your face when I see you, bitch."

He continues, "Who is this ho talking to? Tell that bitch keep my name out your mouth bitch before I stick a pistol in your mouth… Do not step to me about what no other bitch say in no comment on my post. I can address anything I want to address. Y’all better let that bitch know, I’m live right now. You need to listen to your kids, your kids just walked up and said ‘Ma they wasn’t talking ‘bout you.’"

Whatever was said, it would have to be a lot to justify this kind of response, with Trick fully ignoring any line of decency or decorum with his recorded messages. Perhaps more details will come to light throughout the day or week, but on their own, these videos portray Trick Daddy in an angered and emotional state.

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