Trying to guess what color pajamas — or in the case of last week’s episode, what style wig — Cee Lo Green will wear next is one of the best parts of ‘The Voice.’

Cee Lo, whose token accessories range from scepters to a fluffy white cat named Mr. Purrfect, poked fun at his fashion sense on ‘Ellen,’ where guests guessed what was on his lap.

Ellen proctored the contest, in which two contestants had to guess what would be on Cee Lo’s lap when he turned around in his signature chair. The contestants weren’t given clues of any kind and had to rely on their gut instincts … which turned out not to be great.

Cee Lo’s actual items turned out to be even more random than the girls’ guesses, which ranged from dogs to pizza. Clad in one of his trademark silk suits (this time it was hot pink) and sunglasses, Cee Lo took much delight in teasing the audience members with his bizarre goods, two of which were alive, one of which was animated. While neither contestant earned any points, they both went home with some sweet prizes. We wish we could get rewarded for being wrong, too!

Dying to know what they were? Check out the video below and get ready to giggle!

Watch ‘Ellen’ Viewers Guess What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap

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