Fans of Tupac and/or BMW with a cool $1.5 million lying around can treat themselves to quite the collectible as the automobile in which the rapper was killed is being sold for that exact price by Pac was shot in Las Vegas in 1996 while sitting iin the passenger seat of a 750IL. TMZ reports that though the car has been restored, bullet holes and indentations are still visible.

The scene leading to Pac's death is the stuff of rap legend more than 20 years after his passing, with the biopic All Eyez on Me, recounting the rapper's rise and fall, slated to hit theaters later this year on June 16. The Beamer came to belong to the auction house after Vegas PD impounded the car, allowing it to be sold to the highest bidder. The whip has reportedly changed owners more than once, amassing more than 90,000 miles in the process.

Towards the tail end of last year, a number of Pac's belongings went up for auction, including a multi-platinum sales plaque for Me Against The World, signed contracts from the films Juice and Poetic Justice, and song lyrics written out by the rapper. Moments In Time as well had the bullet-dented pendant worn by Tupac during the infamous 1994 shooting in New York City.

For more information on the BMW, visit Moments in Time, with the car locked in at a $1.5 million asking price.

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