Michigan State Police found Leslie Roy and Lee Wright Friday afternoon after the two were stranded in the snow in a remote part of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The sisters were traveling in the U.P. when their car lost power, and they were in an area so remote that there was no cell service. The road the women were on wasn’t plowed, and their SUV became their only chance for survival.

They wore extra layers of clothes at night to stay warm as temperatures fell to the 20s. The women heard crunching in the woods at night but it turned out to be bears.

They survived by eating Girl Scout Cookies and cheese puffs, while melting the snow for drinking water.  This actually sounds like my regular diet, so maybe it wasn't so bad for them.

Last Friday a helicopter spotted the vehicle and the sisters were rescued about 25 minutes later.  They were taken to a hospital to get checked out and are doing fine.

You can watch the report on the rescue, and read the full story from Upper Michigan Resource.