UFC 168 will probably be the most watched UFC event of the year with the recently defeated Anderson Silva facing off against the man that stopped the legend in his tracks Chris Weidman.

Not to take any steam away from the co-main event with Rhonda Rousey defending her championship against Miesha Tate. That's gonna be a great fight as well. But the focus of this card is obviously all about the former champ Silva.

The events that took place at UFC 162 shocked the world. Anderson Silva the greatest fighter arguably of all time, the man that made you question everything you know about fighting, was knocked out.

People called it a lucky shot. Most will argue that if Anderson Silva wasn't toying around with Weidman he would have won. Well at UFC 168 we get to see what will happen. Can Silva come back? Or is this new kid Weidman the answer to Silva that everybody has been waiting for?


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