One of the biggest upsets in UFC history happened Saturday, and even commentator Joe Rogan couldn't believe what he just witnessed.

UFC's poster boy (or I should say poster girl) was dethroned of her UFC championship title on Saturday when she faced off with decorated boxing and kickboxing champion Holly Holm. Odds were all in favor for Rousey taking the W, but that wasn't the case at all even after watching the first round during UFC 193's main event. Although I believed Rousey was going get the win, a simple google search proves how challenging Holm was going to be for the now former champion. Seconds into the first round you could clearly see that Rousey was in for one hell of a battle, a battle that would end in 59 seconds into the 2nd round. I watched the PPV and when the powerful head kick hit Rousey, I screamed with joy.

Although I thought Rousey was going to win, in my opinion she is bad for the sport. I call her the Mayweather of the MMA world. Don't believe me? Look at all of her previous matches. Simple victories from competitors that don't have the skill set to take on a former Olympian. A big serving of humble pie was bound to happen eventually for Rousey, and now Dana White and the UFC now have a new poster girl that I believe will hold the belt for many matches to come.

Enough of my UFC rant. Congratulations to Holly Holm and hopefully (but obviously not any time soon considering it takes months to heal from fights) we can see a Holm vs Rousey 2!

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