Edward Snowden the worlds most famous whistleblower surprises everyone by popping up on the most popular podcast ever  "The Joe Rogan Podcast" and explains how your phone is spying on you. 

Edward Snowden's life hasn't been the same since he leaked info back in 2013 on how the US government is collecting and storing all of our data. Snowden has since fled to Russia where he's safe (I think) and now he randomly pops up and shares info on what went down behind closed doors at these top-secret government operations.

From the CIA to the NSA Edward gives a full breakdown on what happened when he was employed by the government. The whole podcast is amazing but the segment about how phones are spying on you really creeped me out. The constant sharing of information from your phone to local towers pretty much means your leaving a data trail everywhere you go. Watch this video and I promise you'll think differently about your phone after this.


Watch the full podcast here.

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