Ugly God is preparing to drop his debut album, but had a ton of tracks that didn't make the project that he seemingly planned to do something with. Unfortunately, the songs accidentally ended up in the wrong hands, and now the rapper is preparing for a leak.

"[So] i put all my songs that didn’t make the album into a folder and put it in a dropbox link that i accidentally emailed to some fan and he’s wants me to pay him or he says he’ll leak them, and i refuse to buy my own shit from some fan," Ugly God wrote on Twitter on Monday (June 3). "so if 100+ songs leak, fuck it.."

One follower responded, inquiring why he doesn't just dip into his bank account and buy them back, to which the rapper replied with, "[You] think that nigga really finna delete all the songs if i payed him ? i’ll take the L fuck it."

When asked how he had the fan's email to begin with, Ugly God explained that the fan had previously sent him beats that he ended up using, so they'd corresponded in the past.

Though relatively quiet on the music front in 2018, Ugly God did drop a 4-song EP last April to serve as a warm-up for the debut album, Bumps & Bruises. Later on in the year, the 2017 XXL Freshman posted the artwork for both Bumps & Bruises and another untitled project, but both projects remain unreleased as of press time.

You can view Ugly God's tweets for yourself below. Are you looking forward to hearing new music from him?

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