Halloween will feature candy, girls in unnecessarily skimpy costumes and the closest asteroid flyby in at least a decade.

The asteroid is not only unique for how close it will come to earth, but it's also traveling at unusually high speeds.

The official reports says that the rock named 2015 TB145, is traveling at a speed of almost 22 miles per second.  The good news is that there is really no chance of an impact, since it will be about 16 lunar distances away when it sails by.

The bad news is that it won't be visible to the naked eye around here because it's going to happen at about 1:18pm EST.  If you get the chance to check it out, you definitely should.  NASA isn't expecting another rock to get this close to us until 2027.

For those of you worried about a zombie breakout or something due to the Halloween timing . . . at least we'll all have plenty of daylight left to prepare.


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