The University of Michigan has had some great football players come through the program, and they have made a lot of money in the NFL.

The list, put together by 24/7Sports, ranked the top 25 college football programs based on active NFL earnings. For example, Michigan is ranked at number 9, thanks to the millions of dollars that Tom Brady has made over his career. Brady is not the only Michigan Player helping the cause though.

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There are 49 active Michigan alumni playing in the NFL right now that have made at least a million dollars. Brady is obviously on the top of the list, but Brandon Graham is not too far behind.

There is another tie in to the state of Michigan on the top of the list. Georgia topped the list of colleges thanks to Matthew Stafford. Stafford has made more than $200 Million with the Detroit Lions during his career.

The top 10 colleges are listed below, and you can see the complete list from 24/7Sports here.

10. Florida State

9. Michigan

8. Florida

7. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma

5. Miami

4. LSU

3. Alabama

2. Cal

1. Georgia

Looking at the top 10 list, I don't think there are any surprises on the list, especially when you consider some of the big names that have come out of the programs.

I know there are a lot of angry Lions fans that are shaking their head at this list. Most of the complaints around the Lions current situation revolves around the massive payday that they gave to Matt Stafford. That huge contract is what puts Georgia on the top of this list.


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