Michiganders certainly love a food festival, and lucky for us we have a lot of them. From this weekends Taco and Tequila Festival in Lansing, to the upcoming Michigan Macaroni and Cheese Festival in Kalamazoo in October - we are definitely not going hungry.

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Another popular Michigan food festival will be making its return this year - get ready for the 17th Annual Pasty Fest in downtown Calumet. The fun filled festival is just one day only, Saturday, August 21st, so be sure to plan ahead.

The name of the festival of course says it all. All day long attendees will be enjoying a Michigan staple - a pasty. Although I am sure most will be eating a lot more than just one. Who can resist that flaky crust and the hot gravy goodness inside? Not me.

Along with delicious food, the event also features a parade, live music, a car showvendors, demonstrations, activities, games, and more. Hours of the festival are from noon until 4:00 PM.

If you are suddenly craving a pasty, I don't blame you. May I suggest King Arthur's Pasties to tide you over until the Pasty Fest in Calumet? They make some darn good pasties too. There are two King Arthur's locations one on Hill Road in Grand Blanc and another on Ballenger Highway in Flint.

Regardless if you prefer your pasty with meat and potatoes or with all veggies, trust me all bases will be covered at Pasty Fest. May I also suggest getting a room, who wants to drive home after eating pasties all day? Not this guy!

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