A video game robber called his local GameStop to reserve a Xbox One and games before stealing them. The Nashville criminal is still on the loose and probably enjoying hours of gaming. Today, he will be awarded the idiot of the day.

The suspect called the store one hour before the store opened to reserve a Xbox One, 'NBA 2K14', 'Just Dance 2014', and 'Call of Duty: Ghost.'  The robber told the store that he was purchasing the items for his kid but pulled out a gun to steal over $500 worth of electronics. In addition to the electronics, he also stole $600 from the register.

Nashville Metro police Detective Lt. Curtis Watkins told WJHL-TV,

"It shows the individual had a premeditation to create this violent occurrence by pulling the hand gun out on the clerk."

"He wanted to get out as soon as possible. He knew what he wanted and he had a plan."

Cameras caught the suspect outside the store waiting for two hours before he walked in and stole his reserved products and some cash. I truly wish the video game junkie will be brought to justice.  The idiot of the day put his future in jeopardy over video games.