The video of three black pre-teen kids bullying a white toddler went viral almost immediately after it was posted to Facebook, sparking racial controversy everywhere.  This story ends with an important less though after a TV station tracked down the parents, and found out that maybe everyone was a little quick to be angry at an entire race.

The 12 year old cameraman posted the video to his Facebook page with the title, "When White People Piss Black People Off."

The little Minneapolis girl was trying to play with two other girls when the camera man started to egg the bullying on.  The video is downright disturbing to any parent, and with the title of the Facebook post, people started to turn it into a racially charged issue.

A TV station decided to talk to both parents and found that neither had any idea what had happened, and were outraged when they did.  The parents did what parents are supposed to do . . . they talked to their kids about why what happened was wrong.  The kids that needed to be punished, were punished.

The video turned into yet another racially motivated event, that led to people making broad statements about an entire race instead of a single person.  I salute both parents in this situation for having the common sense to look at this situation without race being a factor.  The only factors were the kids and their behavior.

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