Wale is back with a new song called “Good to Great,” which is for a collaborative project between the good folks at Genius and Original Penguin.

Produced by JujulnPerson, the song boasts a thumping beat, finger snaps and soothing synths. On the track, Wale looks back at his partying ways and romantic trysts after the club lets out.

"I told her I’d pick her up, she said, 'Cool' / She said, “What time,” I said, '2' / Then she asked me what time she’d be back / I said, '2:30' / She said, 'Pssh, like that?' / I said, 'Pssh, I’ve been like that' / That’s a whole tomorrow, plus I threw in thirty / So grab your Louis ‘cause time’s burning," he raps.

Singer Phil Ade delivers a celebratory chorus singing, "If she want it, then she gon’ get it / Have another, girl, it’s on me / Bet you’ll get drunk, then call me / In the club all night long / This how it goes when the lights off.

In an interview with Genius, Wale said the song was inspired by late-night club outings during the recording of his 2016 mixtape, Summer on Sunset. "It just feels like the end of the club and it’s about to go down," he explains. "Nights like that are dope to me because being able to share memories and document them through music is dope.”

Take a listen to Wale's new song above.

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