Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson announced that the department is teaming up with local businesses to help families in Flint.

The announcement came from Sheriff Swanson during his weekly video review on the offices Facebook page. The initiative is to be a beacon of light in the community by giving 200 blessing boxes to residents. There are still more details coming around the event, but right now we do know that the Walk With Us Christmas Spectacular is happening on December 12th.

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You can watch the announcement below, Sheriff Swanson starts to talk about the Walk With Us campaign at around the four minute mark.

In the video Sheriff Swanson talked about how the 'Walk With Us' campaign started back in May when Flint was put into the national spotlight. That's when Swanson and members of the department walked with protesters in Flint.

The campaign was created by the group that was formed after that walk, with the help of many local businesses and organizations. In the video Swanson gives out a few details about when and where the initiative will happen.

Sheriff Swanson talked about things starting at Pasadena and Saginaw on December 12th at 10am. That location was chosen specifically because that's where the department gave out their first case of water at the beginning of the Flint Water Crisis. Swanson said that 8 trucks will pull up with the Blessing Boxes, and start the giveaway.

Swanson addressed the obvious issue that 200 boxes is not enough to bless everyone in Flint. The people receiving boxes will be pre-chosen, with the goal of extending the blessing past the initial 200 boxes.

Sheriff Swanson did extend the invitation for any businesses that would like to participate to join in. Any business can bring 200 of any item they would like to donate to the boxes can do so on Wednesday December 9th between 1pm and 7pm at the Genesee County Jail. There is no real requirement on what can should be donated, but Swanson promises a very festive mood.

We will keep you updated on details as the Genesee County Sheriff's Office makes them available.


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