Walmart is the nations largest employer, and it looks like those employees are planning to strike today for higher wages.

This strike comes on the heels of the largest fast food strike to date, where those employees were demanding wages of $15 per hour.

The Walmart workers are demanding a minimum wage of at least $25,000 per year because they are the life blood of the corporation.

It's not clear if the Walmart employees in Genesee county will be taking part in this strike, but it will definitely disrupt every day life if they do.  Say what you want about Walmart, I guarantee you've been in one over the last week.  They are a monster in the world of consumerism, and could probably afford to pay the gross salary that the workers are demanding.

The big question is the same as the question in the fast food strikes, "Do you think that non-skilled jobs like these are worth the huge pay raises the workers are asking?"