Have you ever stared up at the huge towers of the Mackinac Bridge and wondered what it would be like to stand on top?  Now is your chance, and it will only cost you five dollars.

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association is holding a raffle that will let one lucky winner and a guest stand on top of the Mackinac Bridge.  Don't worry, there is an elevator that will take you up 552 feet above the Great Lakes.

I've walked the bridge many times on Labor Day and have always noticed the people that get to take the ride to the top.  Normally there is an application process to go through, with no guarantee that you will ever get to the top.

Proceeds from the raffle will help preserve the historic lighthouses that line the shores of the Great Lakes.  The Drawing will take place in Mackinac City on July 31st, but more than 2,000 of the 5,000 available tickets have already been bought, so you better hurry.

To purchase tickets call the GLLKA at (231)-436-5580, and if you want to see what a trip to the top looks like, check out the video below.