It's been just over a month since the late great Nate Dogg passed away and Warren G has already put out a tribute song to him. Now Warren will finish up a studio album featuring Nate Dogg as well! Some artist said to be on the up coming EP are E-40, DJ Quik, B.O.B and The Game. This will go to the Nate Dogg Foundation!

"Nate wasn't just a hook man, he was a songwriter too. He was just incredible. Back in the day I had seen how he could captivate the crowd when he sang. We'd be in the hood and he'd sing and everybody would just melt. I was like, ‘Nate, let's go and let's work, let's make it happen and be successful.' And we did that."

Here's an oldie but good just for the love of Nate Dogg:

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