There was this big deal over Kanye's phoenix album cover. where he his depicted naked with a naked winged woman with wings, that he called a phoenix. Well, the LA Times has unearthed a conspiracy of sorts. I preface this with saying, Kanye and the Times seemingly have a "beef" going. He chastised them the other day for not printing the proper album title. So, a source with the Times said that Kanye really wasn't banned. The source said that Kanye was told that it would probably be a bad idea to use that album art. They said that if he really wanted to use it, they would support him. In the sources exact words, they said he "was told if he wanted to do it, the label would stand behind him." So, they are implying Kanye used this to drum up some publicity. Who knows!? I'm sure he'll have something to say soon. In the meantime, he had this to say about his album art

via Rumors : Hip-Hip Rumors: Beyonce's Pregnant Verdict Pics! Was Kanye REALLY Banned? Foxy vs A Mouse?.

Check out Kanye's response via Twitter: