A Michigan brewer’s sudsy concoction has been banned in New Hampshire because it shows an image of a baby on the bottle. Founder’s Brewing Company out of Grand Rapids is not permitted to sell their Breakfast Stout in the Granite State due to a law that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages with minors of the label.

However, some lawmakers are working this legislation session to change this ridiculous law because they say beer companies, like Founders, are not putting images of children on their labels to entice kids to drink beer. The state’s Liquor Commission essentially considers the Founder’s baby shown on the label of their Breakfast Stout to be the equivalent of Joe Camel, which some claim was created to attract youngsters to start smoking.

State Representative Keith Murphy, who is a huge fan of Breakfast Stout, says there is really no way an image of a fat kid with a spoon stuck in his mouth is going to subliminally make young people want to try this beer. Yet, the label apparently works on adults, because it is not even noon and I am already craving one.