Like many teams across the NBA, The Detroit Pistons honored Kobe Bryant Monday night.

The Pistons and Cavs honored Kobe many different ways throughout the night, and it all started with pre-game. The Pistons all wore Kobe jerseys with either the number 8 or 24 on them.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons
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A Kobe tribute video played on the big screen followed by 24 seconds of silence. The clocks were all set for 8:24 around the arena to honor Bryant. After a tribute by Pistons play by play man, George Blaha, the game started.

The Cavs took a 24 second shot clock violation, and the Pistons took an 8 second back court violation to honor Bryant.

There were other tributes throughout the night, and thousands of people inside LCA wore Kobe jerseys. The Pistons and Kobe have been intertwined since their finals meeting in 2004.

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