The Pontiac Silverdome hasnt had this many eyes on it in a long time, but it was not going to cooperate with demolition plans.

The video above shows just how lackluster the attempts to blow up the Silverdome were. This sparked a ton of comparisons between Detroit and the Silverdome . . . some good, and some bad.

Check out some of the best Twitter reactions to the failed attempt.

It's almost the perfect ending to the Silverdome. Anyone that knows it's troubled 44 year history knows that this building will only fall when it's ready.  Check out a cool video of a stunt rider exploring the building after it had fallen into disrepair.


The demolition company is obviously at the center of the problems with the implosion. They think that it might have something to do with loose wires.


The second time around the Silverdome was finally brought down. Check out the video below.

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