Nothing to see here, just a seven month old baby named Ryder that can water ski.  Wait . . WHAT?!

You read that right, and there is no trick photography.  Ryder is seven months old and he is the best water skiing baby I have ever seen.  He is the only water skiing baby I have ever seen actually.

While most parents are freaking out trying not to get soap in their baby's eyes during a bath, Ryder is water skiing.  It's bad enough that he has a cool name like Ryder, but he's also able to water ski before his first birthday!  This kid will be stealing his friends girlfriends in no time!

Of course there are a ton of people going insane on the parents for letting their baby water ski.  They may have a point about the potential dangers involved, but every angry parent can be silenced when Ryder's parents ask one question . . . "My baby can water ski, what can your baby do?"

In the swirl of amazement and controversy though, the Youtube comments still win the day.

That's a valid point