These drunk babies don't have a drinking problem, they've been drinking all by themselves just fine.  Maybe its you who has the problem . . . MAYBE YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE!?  Try not to anger the drunk babies.These babies probably are not really drunk, but they're parents probably are really dumb.


You can see this exact same picture at Starlight, only sub the baby for a full grown man . . . leave the bib.


Alcohol induced scoliosis is the worst scoliosis.


Someone tell the scrawny, hard on bearing, guy laying down to stop hating.  That baby just pulled a dime from the beach . . . now he and his Heineken are going to go take a nap.


Mom, Mom, Mom, Mumma, Mumma, Mother, Ma, Ma, Mom, Mumma.  Hey.  MOM.  MUMMA.  This isn't going to refill itself, and I can barely walk.


It's a shame that after the Grinch stole their Christmas, Cindy Loo Hoo turned to the bottle to drown her sorrows.

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