A weatherman chimed in about an upcoming story featuring the 'Marathon Goddess', but it was her 'tig ole bitties' that caught his eye.

He tried to cover his slip by saying tennies, but I'm pretty sure there is no recovering from that.  Honestly though, I don't think that there's anything wrong with it.

I think weathermen should be like the court jesters of the news room anyway.  People only really pay attention to them when there is a chance at bad weather, and even then nobody believes them.  So why not let them just spout off whatever nonsense pops into their head.

I'm all for leaving the weather mans mic on all the time . . . during the entire newscast!  I mean really, who is going to care?  It's just the weather man after all!  Give him some crazy name like 'Tornado Tom' and let him wear a big foam cowboy hat.

"LET'S BRING SOME GALE FORCE FUN TO THIS NEWSROOM!" could be his opening line.