The people at West Coast Customs worked with developers at Microsoft and put together Project Detroit by Microsoft.

The idea was to create a car that features some of the cool things developers can do with Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Xbox 360, Kinect, and Bing.

West Coast Customs took a 2012 Ford Mustang and retrofitted it with a 1967 Mustang fastback replica body. They painted the car black and decked it out with neon blue lights in the grill and around the rims.

Then they put in any and every Microsoft consumer technology they could find. The car is Web connected, so it gives the driver the ability to look at the heads-up display to check the weather forecast or find the nearest gas station. The heads-up display on the passenger side lets passengers play games over Xbox Live with their friends.




When the car is parked, the rear windshield can flip up and turn into a projector screen for playing movies or video games from behind the car. The rear windshield also has a customizable display, so people in the car can flash custom messages to tailgaters.

The touch-screen dashboard runs Windows 8. The driver can swipe the screen to toggle between different dashboard skins that includes one that resembles the dash of a 1967 Mustang, as well as one that features the 2012 Mustang look and one that uses the look of Windows 8.

West Coast Customs also put Kinect motion-sensing controllers in the front and back of the car. Drivers can use the cameras to check out a live video and audio feed of the car's surroundings using their Windows Phone. And if someone gets too close, the driver can tap into the external audio system with a smartphone to tell people to back off.

Drivers can also locate the car, as well as unlock it and start it remotely