A royal title is about to be abdicated.

After 11 years as the most popular Halloween costume among children, princess has slipped to second place, according to a new National Retail Federation survey of 6,800 people. The new champ? Action hero or superhero. More than three million kids are expected to get dresses up in that category, while 2.9 million will become a princess.

Most Popular Children's Costumes

1. Action/Superhero
2. Princess
3. Animal (cat, dog, lion, monkey, etc.)
4. Batman character
5. Star Wars character
6. (tie) Witch or DC superhero (excluding Batman)
7. Frozen Character (Anna, Elsa, Olaf)
8. Marvel Superhero (excluding Spiderman)
9. Zombie
10. Spiderman

Kids aren't the only ones who'll get dressed up, either. Sixteen percent of respondents say their pets will wear costumes, too.

Most Popular Costumes for Pets

1. Pumpkin
2. Hot dog
3. Bumble bee
4. (tie) Lion and Star Wars character
5. Devil
6. Batman character
7. Witch
8. Superman
9. Action/Superhero
10. Cat

Among adults between the ages of 18 and 34, a Batman character and a witch are the big winners, while for adults ages 35 and older, a witch and pirate are the top choices. You can check out the complete lists here.

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