The first day of school is here, and that can mean either dread or delight depending on who you ask.

This is a big year in my house when it comes to school.  For the first time ever, we will have two kids starting school together.

My son is an old pro, considering he is going into the second grade.  My daughter is stepping out on thin ice though as she starts her first year at kindergarten.

We've gone through all of the usual steps with both of them, and today really is just a formality since my wife and I will be there the entire day (as required by the school).

Tomorrow will be the big day.  The day when they both have to be awake, fed, dressed, and ready for the bus.  The day when they both will taste the freedom and restrictions that a day at school offers.

It's such a bitter sweet symphony for parents.

There are so many guilty pleasures that sending your kids off to school brings on, but there are so many things that are now officially over.

It's always amazing to me how a day that comes every single year, can still bring out so many emotions in parents and kids everywhere.  We all know it's coming, and we've all been through it many times.  Still though, there's something about the first day that catches us all in a different way.

What does the first day of school mean to you?

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